About Us

Shoreline started in 2006 shortly after moving to the area to live. It's such a beautiful part of the country and I'd been visiting the area to surf since the late 1980's. Shoreline was a chance to work for myself.

The cab firm is a local concern that aims to provide a really good reliable service to it's customers. It's a small scale business, just me, my wife, the dog and the taxman. We're trying to keep it simple.

Shoreline was a member of 1% For The Planet between 2006 and 2016. 1% is an environmental organisation which was established to help businesses give a little bit back to the environment. we understand that driving a taxi is not the most beneficial thing for the planet. By giving a minimum of 1% of our annual sales revenues to environmental causes it helps offset some of the damage that we do. Donations are made directly to a cause chosen by individual businesses. As keen surfers we  have to date supported Surfer's Against Sewage, which is a great organisation that campaigns for beach and water cleanliness. We've also made donations to The Westcountry Rivers Trust and the Marine Conservation Society as well as the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Total donations made during our time as a member of 1% exceed £2000.

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